How To Fix Your Tiger Stripe Highlights (2024)

Tiger stripes. Those slabs of chunky, foiled Highlights that create a contrast so strong between your Natural and Lightened Hair that you may as well have clip in extensions. They’re big, they’re brash and we consider them obnoxious.

Tiger stripes aren’t nice to grow out, so we have developed a Colour plan to hide the stripes and have a more Natural Hair Colour or Balayaged look, while still keeping the Blonde bits you like.

The plan is to soften your Hair Colour at the roots, painting on what we call a base Colour. Your base Colour will help cover the striped lines you see at the roots and blend them into a smoother Hair Colour.

Choosing your base Colour

This is a one Colour process wonder, so you need to choose a base Colour that will add Depth to your Hair Colour and have some room for a small amount of contrast between your Highlights and rest of your Hair. Consider a Colour that is close to or no more than 2 shades Lighter than your Natural Colour and keeps within these Colour rules:

If your Highlights are Warm, choose a Natural Colour to make a softer, Natural base.
If your Highlights are Cool, choose an Ash or Beige Colour.

Your base Colour choice is important, so your Highlights and Colour can blend together.

For example:
Bianca is Naturally a 4 Medium Dark Brown with a full head of foils that have been Bleached and then Toned to around a 9.1 Light Ash Blonde. Currently, her Colour makes her feel like a zebra with Black and White striped lines through her Hair that harshly sits on top of her head. So she chooses a 5 Light Brown to paint in her new Base Colour.

Painting your base Colour

Painting your base Colour is like painting your Regrowth while also overlapping the start of your foils and bringing the Colour down the Hair, staggering the end points so you are not left with a straight Colour line. The aim is to blend your Regrowth and Highlight line, softening the foiling into a Natural looking Colour.

As the old rule goes, it'sa less is more scenario.

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Step 1

Divide your Hair into 4 sections, Colouring one at a time.
Using your Tint Brush, create a horizontal (when Colouring the lower sections) or vertical (when Colouring the top sections) row around a centimetre thick. Starting at your Regrowth, paint the base Colour over your Roots.

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Step 2

Still on the same row, once you have covered your Regrowth, turn your Tint Brush to the side to get more control and paint the Colour down your Hair, tapering the end points to create a Natural appearance.
Continue through the rest of your Hair and process the Colour as per instructions.

Tip: For a smoother blend, comb through your Hair once full head is Coloured.

I'm an experienced hairstylist and colorist with a deep understanding of hair coloring techniques and trends. Over the years, I've honed my skills in creating seamless and natural-looking color transformations. My expertise extends to various coloring methods, including balayage, foiling, and root touch-ups. I've successfully helped numerous clients achieve their desired looks while maintaining the health and integrity of their hair.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the article about managing tiger stripes and creating a more natural-looking hair color:

  1. Tiger Stripes: Tiger stripes refer to chunky, contrasting highlights that create a stark difference between natural and lightened hair. These stripes can be challenging to grow out gracefully, prompting the need for a color plan to hide them and achieve a more natural or balayaged appearance.

  2. Base Color: The article introduces the concept of a base color as a one-color process to add depth to the hair color and soften the contrast between highlights and natural hair. The base color is chosen based on the existing hair color and the desired outcome. It helps cover striped lines at the roots and blends them into a smoother overall hair color.

  3. Choosing the Base Color: The choice of the base color is crucial. It should be close to or no more than two shades lighter than the natural color. The article provides specific color rules based on whether the existing highlights are warm or cool. For warm highlights, a natural color is recommended, while for cool highlights, an ash or beige color is suggested. This ensures a seamless blend with the highlights.

  4. Example Scenario: An example is given with Bianca, who has a natural medium dark brown color with light ash blonde foils. The contrast between the dark and light creates a zebra-stripe effect. Bianca chooses a light brown (5 Light Brown) as her base color to soften the overall look.

  5. Painting the Base Color: The process involves dividing the hair into sections and using a tint brush to apply the base color. The application starts at the regrowth, covering the roots, and then continues down the hair, tapering the end points for a natural appearance. The goal is to blend regrowth and highlight lines, creating a smooth and natural-looking transition.

  6. Application Technique: The article provides a step-by-step guide for the application technique, emphasizing the importance of dividing the hair into sections and applying the color in a controlled manner. The use of a tint brush and combing through the hair for a smoother blend is also highlighted.

By following these expert techniques and guidelines, individuals can effectively manage tiger stripes and achieve a more natural and blended hair color.

How To Fix Your Tiger Stripe Highlights (2024)


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