Best Ways To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair At Home (2024)

So you tried an at-home bleach and managed to mess up badly. Now, you are left with strange-looking uneven bleached hair, making you feel crazy and helpless. Many people have the urge to try out something new in COVID lockdown. And just because you failed at your first attempt doesn't mean it is the end of the world! So, take a deep breath and relax! There is still a lot that can be done to fix the disaster that you have created for yourself. Read on to find out more on how to fix uneven bleached hair at home.

Reasons For Uneven Bleached Hair

Many things lead to uneven bleached hair. An uneven application method is a common reason. It is possible that you did not mix the bleach properly, or you applied it unevenly to different areas. You need to make small sections of hair to apply the bleach evenly. You may have taken very large sections, which led to the uneven application.

You might have washed your hair too early. For being effective, bleach needs to rest for at least 40 minutes in your hair. Sometimes, applying bleach on a very dark hair color can make the bleach look reddish or orange. Possibly, you have used less than enough quantity of bleach.

Best Ways To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair At Home (1)

Depending on the volume of your hair, you need to adjust the quantity of bleach that you should be using for dying your hair. It's important to pay attention to these points as it'll help you avoid these mistakes. So let’s see how to fix uneven bleached hair:

1 - Dye Your Hair With A Darker Shade

One of the easiest and most obvious ways of fixing an uneven hair color is to dye it. Try to choose a much darker color than the current shade of your hair, like chocolate brown or black. Part your hair into several sections so that you can color each of the sections properly. Start applying the color from the hair roots to the hair tips.

Once you are done applying color properly, wait for 40 minutes to 1 hour before washing it with a good quality shampoo. But what if you want the lighter shade back? Well, you can try bleaching your hair using the correct methodology again after a few weeks. In that case, this color will become your base color on which you will apply your bleach.

2 - Directly Reapply Bleach

If you do not want an instant fix and are fine with having an uneven color for a few weeks, you can try this method. All you have to do is re-apply your bleach. But this time, use the correct method. The worst thing you can do is mess it up again, which can lead to a lot of hair damage which will be difficult to reverse. Here is the correct way of applying bleach:

  • Make sure your scalp is completely clean and free of any residue. Shampoo your hair properly before applying the bleach.

  • Use a blow dryer to dry it completely.

  • Part your hair into small sections and, using a brush, start applying the bleach on each section. Start from the hair tips and work towards the route.

  • Do not try to hasten this process as it can lead to uneven results. Be very careful about properly covering all the strands of your hair before you end the application process.

  • Finally, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

Correctly applying bleach can help you to attain the proper shade that you are aiming for initially, so it can be a worthwhile process. However, bleaching your hair too frequently can cause hair damage as bleach contains peroxide. This means you should wait about two weeks to a month at least before you re-apply bleach on your fragile hair.

You may want to continue using a nourishing and hydrating hair routine that can help to strengthen the hair by using a moisturizing conditioner and hair oils.

3 – Use Toning Shampoo

Toning shampoo can deliver a subtle hue to your hair. So how to fix uneven bleached hair using toning shampoo? Well, you just need to be a little creative here. You can use contrasting colors to correct the uneven shades. Take, for example, if you have an orange shade, then you may use a blue shampoo to create an evenly toned hair color.

Similarly, if you have a few green hair strands lingering around in your bleached hair, you can apply red shampoo to equalize it, as green and red are at the opposite ends of the color spectrum. Here are some more examples:

  • Purple color can fix yellow-looking hair, which is common with silver bleach.

  • Sun-kissed orange hair can help you fix an ashy or grey undertone as it is a warm color.

Use toning shampoo two to three times a week to see results. Do not overdo it, as shampoos are generally drying agents for hair and do not do much good to nourish them. Continue your regular hair routine containing hair masks, oils, and conditioners to keep it hydrated and prevent hair damage.

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4 - Spot Bleaching

Suppose you have bleached your hair for the first time and, after you are done, realize that you have missed out on some spots and are in a panic thinking about how to fix uneven bleached hair? There is no need to be scared as you can easily fix this problem by spot bleaching, where you only bleach the targeted sections that you have missed out on the first time. For this process, you need to section your hair into small parts which reveal the missed spots, so they are easily accessible.

Make a proper bleach mixture and apply it evenly on the missed pot. Wait for a while, then wash a branded shampoo. Even though this process sounds simple, you need to be cautious regarding the amount of bleach that needs to be applied as you are probably going to need a smaller amount this time.


So these were some of the best tips on how to fix uneven bleached hair. Many reasons can contribute to uneven bleached hair, and it is especially common for people who are new to at-home bleaching. By using the techniques given above, you can easily restore the color and beauty of your hair.

Best Ways To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair At Home (2024)


Best Ways To Fix Uneven Bleached Hair At Home? ›

The fastest solution is to dye your hair with darker hair colour to even out the bleached hair. Remember bleached hair is super dry, and can be easily broken so try to wait for a day or so to dye your hair with a darker colour.

How do you fix a bad bleach job at home? ›

Opt for a Toning Shampoo

A toning shampoo can be a surprisingly simple way to address a less than desirable bleach job. They are designed to neutralise any unwanted orange, yellow or green tints that have been left by the bleach, so if that's what you're struggling with, it's definitely worth a try.

How soon can I bleach my hair again to fix it? ›

It is highly recommended to get unevenly bleached hair fixed by a professional hair colorist or stylist. To fix uneven bleached hair, you have to wait at least 3 weeks and then re-bleach the hair.

Can I bleach over previously bleached hair? ›

Experts suggest you wait at least four weeks between two bleaching sessions. This allows your hair to regain its moisture and strength to withstand another bleaching session. Always follow professional guidance before you bleach or color your hair.

Can you fix overly bleached hair? ›

The keratin treatment is one of the most efficient techniques to fix bleached hair that has been damaged. Protein-rich deep conditioning masks, like keratin treatments, are ideal for repairing color-treated hair that has been damaged.

How do you fix uneven hair color after bleaching? ›

The fastest solution is to dye your hair with darker hair colour to even out the bleached hair. Remember bleached hair is super dry, and can be easily broken so try to wait for a day or so to dye your hair with a darker colour.

Should I bleach my hair again if it turned orange? ›

How To Turn Orange Hair To Blonde. The best way to go from orange to blonde is to re-bleach your hair after two weeks to bring it down to yellow tones that are easier to neutralize. Once you reach yellow tones, you can let your hair be if you are happy with the color.

How do you fix uneven hair color? ›

Your color came out uneven.

"You can try using one shade darker (ensuring the tones are the same) and applying just on the roots. This will darken that area one shade without changing the tone," says Tardo. To prevent this from happening next time, apply hair color on your ends before getting to your roots.

How many times do I have to bleach my hair to get it platinum blonde? ›

Only when your hair has dried completely will you be able to really see how well the bleaching session has gone. Remember, it's probably going to take at least two or three sessions within a month to transform dark hair into pale blonde or white. Let your hair rest for two to three weeks between sessions.

What cancels out bleached hair? ›

Use a purple or blue shampoo

Blue and purple shampoos neutralise unwanted brassy tones to reveal a cooler blonde or light brown shade.

Can you reverse the damage of bleached hair? ›

While bleach damaged hair can't technically be wholly repaired, you can improve the look and feel of those stressed strands. With help from seasoned professionals who know how to repair bleach damaged hair, you can get your hair back on track and looking beautiful again.

Will toning my hair a second time make a difference? ›

Never use toner more than once each day. It might permanently damage your hair if used too often. This implies that you may repeat the toning process as often as you wish as long as you continue to tone it only on a recommended regular basis to prevent the colour from fading.

Does Olaplex fix bleach damage? ›

If you've over-bleached or had your hair highlighted for years, Olaplex allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of your hair; a 'reset' for your locks, if you will. The system has allowed colourists to do work that they'd only ever dreamed of before.

Can a bad bleach job be fixed? ›

Re-Dye the Hair a Darker Colour

However, dyeing your hair a darker colour is the fastest way to resolve badly bleached hair. This is an especially good option if your hair was dark to begin with and the bleach has turned it orange, yellow or green!

Is there any way to fix bleach? ›

Home tips to remove bleach stains

It is recommended that you mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 1 cup of alcohol, then immerse a clean cloth in this mixture. Soak the bleach stain with this cloth with vinegar, do not rub the stain as you can expand and complicate the task. Then wash the garment with cold water.

Can you undo bleach damage? ›

Unfortunately, a bleach stain is permanent. Once bleach has made contact with a fabric, the stain will have set, stripping the colour or dye from the fabric. When it comes to removing bleach stains, the approach you should take is one of restoring the colour that has been lost rather than removing the stain.


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