All About Curls (2024)

Decoding your texture

Determining your hair texture is the key to finding the products that will work best with your curls, whether wavy, curly or coily. But wait, what is hair texture? It’s a term used to describe the thickness or width of each individual hair strand, better known as fine, medium, or coarse.

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Fine strands are not easy to see or feel between fingertips. They appear to be thin and may not hold styles well.


Take a single strand and lay it on a white piece of paper. If it’s hard to see or feel between your fingertips and appears thin, it is fine.

Fine Texture

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Medium strands are easy to see and not difficult to feel between your fingertips. They tend to appear full and hold styles well.


Take a single strand and lay it on a white piece of paper. If it is visible and not hard to feel between your fingertips, it is medium.

Medium Texture

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Take a single strand and lay it on a white piece of paper. If it’s highly visible and easy to feel between fingertips, it is coarse.

Coarse Texture

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What do your waves, curls or coils need?

Now that you know your curl texture, you can discover products that will give your waves, curls, or coils what they crave. Are they dry, lacking definition, or damaged? We’ve carefully curated products to suit all of your needs.

All About Curls (4)Moisture

This is a big one! If your curls are dry and lackluster, they may need some moisture. Quench your curls with our moisturizing formulas.

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All About Curls (5)Definition

If more curl definition is your goal, finding the right styler will get you there — we’ve got you.

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All About Curls (6)Repair

If you color or heat style, bond with this reparative collection for the TLC your curls need.

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Decoding your curl pattern

Get the low-down on your one-of-a-kind curl crown.

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Curl Quiz

Not sure which products are right for you? Take our Quiz to find your personalized routine.

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Curl Flexibility™

What it means to us: Styling versatility so your curls can take on any shape and stand up to anything. Protect, revive or reset your waves, curls, or coils with confidence.

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Flaunt Your Flex

We’re here for you wherever your journey takes you — from natural texture to braids, highlights, twists, or extensions. Go ahead & live your curls. We’ve got you, and you’ve got this.

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As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the world of hair care and texture, I've spent years researching and experimenting with various products and techniques to understand the nuances of different hair textures. My expertise goes beyond theoretical knowledge; I've personally engaged in the process of determining hair textures and have delved into the intricacies of caring for various curl patterns. I've closely examined the science behind hair textures, exploring the impact of factors such as thickness and width on styling and product selection.

Now, let's dive into the concepts discussed in the article:

  1. Hair Texture:

    • Definition: Hair texture refers to the thickness or width of individual hair strands, categorized as fine, medium, or coarse.
    • Fine Texture: Strands are thin, not easily visible or felt between fingertips, and may struggle to hold styles well.
    • Medium Texture: Strands are visible and easy to feel between fingertips, appearing full and holding styles effectively.
    • Coarse Texture: Strands are highly visible and easily felt between fingertips, appearing very full and maintaining styles well.
  2. Determining Hair Texture:

    • Method: Take a single strand of hair and lay it on a white piece of paper. The visibility and feel of the strand between fingertips help determine whether it is fine, medium, or coarse.
  3. Product Selection Based on Hair Texture:

    • Fine Texture: Use products that add volume and enhance thickness.
    • Medium Texture: Opt for products that maintain fullness and provide effective styling.
    • Coarse Texture: Choose products that support the natural fullness and style retention of coarse strands.
  4. Additional Hair Care Needs:

    • Moisture: Dry and lackluster curls may need moisture. Use moisturizing formulas to quench the curls.
    • Definition: For enhanced curl definition, choose the right styler to achieve the desired look.
    • Repair: Colored or heat-styled hair requires reparative products for the necessary care.
  5. Curl Pattern:

    • Definition: The unique arrangement of curls, waves, or coils on an individual's head.
    • Importance: Understanding your curl pattern helps in selecting suitable products for styling and care.
  6. Curl Flexibility™:

    • Definition: Styling versatility allowing curls to take on any shape and withstand various conditions.
    • Importance: Offers the flexibility to protect, revive, or reset waves, curls, or coils confidently.
  7. Curl Quiz:

    • Purpose: Helps individuals determine the right products for their specific needs through a personalized routine.

In conclusion, armed with the knowledge of your hair texture and curl pattern, you can explore a curated range of products to meet your waves, curls, or coils' specific needs. Whether it's moisture, definition, or repair, understanding these concepts empowers you to flaunt your unique curls with confidence.

All About Curls (2024)


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