Operational Due Diligence explained | Deloitte Netherlands (2024)

Operational Due Diligence (‘ODD’) is a bespoke, continuous and iterative process of formulating and testing the investment thesis, in order to co-create an actionable value creation plan. ODD is primarily forward looking and opportunity focused, it therefore complements the risk oriented types of due diligence to maximize the return on M&A investments.

As lock-downs have worked their way through value chains, the short, medium and even long-term demand in many sectors is driving the need for major adjustments. Companies are needing to balance the imperative to cut their cloth to mid-term demand with uncertainty around the form and size of demand longer term. In achieving this balance, companies need to consider operational continuity, operational implications of various (recovery) scenarios, focus on cost optimization, and decide on the disposal of non-core businesses.

Operational Due Diligence explained | Deloitte Netherlands (2024)


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