How to Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam (2024)

Learn more about how to pass Florida's real estate exams. You'll get information about what you should know, and you can also explore different study resources.

Complete Pre-License Coursework

You should take advantage of the required pre-licensure education to prepare you to pass your exam. The state of Florida requires different amounts of schooling for various careers in real estate, but you will need to complete at least 63 hours of course time to qualify for your initial license. You can find approved educators through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation's (DBPR) website.

Get the most out of your coursework by taking careful notes. Make sure you complete any work assigned to you, as this will help you master the concepts that will appear on your exam. You should speak with your instructor regarding any problems you have or any subjects you're struggling with.

Consider keeping any textbooks or handouts you're given in your schooling. Review the information as the time for your exam approaches so you can keep what you've learned fresh in your mind.

Know What's on the Exam

Florida offers real estate exams for sales associates, brokers and instructors. These exams focus on different subject areas, so make sure you're using your time to prepare for the questions you're going to face. You can find in-depth descriptions of every subject that will appear on these exams on the DBPR's website.

Review with Online Resources

You can go over the concepts that will appear on your exam with online study guides. offers Real Estate Exam Prep and Real Estate Marketing courses that will help you review regulations, contracts, the principles of practicing real estate and more. These subjects are covered by short, easy-to-understand video lessons that you can view on your own schedule. You'll have access to quizzes and tests that allow you to gauge your progress. You can even contact real estate experts if you need extra help!

Many people attending your educational classes will try to complete the real estate exam, just like you. Find out if any of them would like to form a study group. Working with others can help you work through difficult concepts. It's also easier to go over real estate rules and regulations with another person. You can create flashcards to work with or have one person ask a question while the others try to answer.

Have a Test Plan

You can increase your chances of passing a Florida real estate exam by developing a plan before test day. Because these exams are timed, you should go through and answer all the more straightforward questions first. Once you begin working on the more complex problems, be sure to pace yourself. Don't spend too long trying to figure out a problem that's stumping you. And don't leave any questions unanswered! Make sure you fill in every answer, even if you're not sure. There's always a chance you'll guess correctly.

You should also be sure to read each question carefully. Consider your options before you make a choice. If you have time, try to look over each question one more time after you've finished the exam to make sure you didn't miss anything.

How to Pass the Florida Real Estate Exam (2024)


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